Fashion & Protection Masks with Inês Torcato

For those who didn't know, the incredible designer Inês Torcato, has designed our incredible Summer Collection. This collection actually has some of our best sellers. So, we had a little chat with the designer and we talked about her route and our partnership. Come discover everything!

  • In one word, how can you describe Happo?


  • How did the opportunity to partner with Happo come about?

The partnership with Happo came about through an invitation from the brand, which I gladly accepted. It's a challenge to develop an accessory that has become so important in our daily life, and make it prettier and more less dificult to use it. 

  • Where do you get inspired to create such different and innovative masks?

The inspiration comes from people. Unlike what we do on clothing, masks have a more immediate requirement for constant analysis. So, the inspiration comes from my days, from what I see in the streets, what people are looking for. It's also very important to take in consideration the time of the year, which is connected to the trends of the fashion world.

  • What is the feeling of creating something that has become an essential acessory for everyone?

There is some responsibility and desire to always find what people need and look for. It's very important to create this extra comfort, which creates a greater feeling of well-being when using this very essential piece.

  • In this new normality that we live, the fact of developing masks with colors and patterns, which combine fashion and protection / safety, has become an important factor to facilitate the use of something that is currently mandatory?

Of course! That is the best part of creating something like this and that it's the definition of design. At the end, what we do is a match between function and aesthetic. And that is the focal point of using the masks, an acessory that besides of being mandatory, it's used in our face, the most visible part of our body. 
It becomes the first message that we pass on to the world, coming from the clothes that we wear in second place today.

  • What is your dream collection to create, after the success of the Summer Collection?

For me, maybe it was important to create some kind of hope in the new year of 2021 and in the good news that are coming. 

  • Sustainability is a major concern today. How does it feel to produce fashion in a sustainable way?

Sustainability maybe is one of the most importants things in fashion. For me, it's essential when I'm talking about my brand, and it's actually something that I always take in consideration when producing clothes. I think it's really important to have that ambiental concern, understand where the products came from. Obviously, there's still a lack of knowledge regarding the measures to be taken to make production more sustainable, and there are also many new processes that are appearing and communicating as ecological and may not be so much, but it is a learning process. The important thing is that this type of collective awareness already exists and an increasingly present attempt to correct habits that are very ingrained in this industry.

happo budapeste woman

  • Inês, you've been a success in the fashion world. Tell us more about your special moments. 

Thank you so much for the words. I wouldn't say success, but my carreer is going well! One of the most special moments I cannot say, at the beginning of my career the competitions I won were very important, and along my way as a designer with an author's fashion brand I also had several special moments. I can highlight the begging of the competition Bloom Portugal Fashion, that opened me the way for the fashion week; the invitation of Vogue Italia for the space Super Talents in Milan on the tradeshow Pitti Super. Also, the same article on that magazine helped me a lot with internationalization. I would like to mention also the invitation of Portugal Fashion for my participation on the principal passerelle on the event and the show of AltaRoma in Rome, on the plataform FashionHub.