Meet the Happo Protection Masks

Nowadays, there’s a huge demand of masks, both from the consume rand the producer side. At Happo, you won’t find only a protective mask. You will also find a fashion accessory that completes your looks with the protection that you need.

The fabric masks are part of our day, so we want to facilitate their use, with our masks that combine beautiful and creative design with the security you need.

By using the Happo masks, you’re also preserving the environment, through its sustainable production and reuse up to 40 washes.

Discover the main Happo Mask features:

  • Certified by Equilibrium
  • Certified up to 25 washes and effective up to 40 washes.
  • We have two masks: Level 2 or Level 3 – we will explain the differences on this article.
  • Masks for Man, Woman and Kids.

Main Characteristics of Happo Mask:

Level 2 Masks

These masks are produced by a Swiss Tecnology that protects against contamination by baceria, microbes and germs. The technology is HeiQ Viroblock that has won a coveted and prestigious Award: Swiss Techonology Award 2020 

Composed by three layers, the S2 Masks also have a nosefit for better breathability and adjusting lenghts of the elastic band for greater confort.

  1. Outer Layer with antimicrobial and antibacterial treatment
  2. Intermediate Layer in TNT with high protecction level
  3. Inside Layer with a dynamic evaporation and cooling technology.

Level 3 Masks:

The level 3 masks are also composed by three layers of protection:

  1. The Outer Layer has an anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection. The finishing at fabrics are tested under ISO 20743 and ISSO 18184. It was proved that the vírus is neutralized at 98.3% after 1 minute and 99,2% after 2 minutes, getting 100% in 10 minutes.
  2. The Intermediate Layer is with bonded vlieseline to the outside
  3. The Inside Layer as anti-odor protection and anti-bacterial finish.

This mask actively inhibits the vírus and kills bactéria in contact with tissue surface.


- Do not use bleach

- For greater convenience, you can wash the mask with very hot water and detergente, wring after 20 minutes and dry it.

-  After continuously use of 5 hours we suggest washing the mask.