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Happo Mask

Stay Safe,
Stay Happo!

The protective mask has become essential for all moments of everyday life. Dare to make a difference with an accessory that combines fashion, design, and creativity with all the necessary safety.

Certified by CITEVE
Happo Mask has three layers of protection, each one with antibacterial protection with high efficiency up to 50 washes.
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Fashion Designs
Each Happo is designed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience.
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We believe that it is in the face of the challenge that the opportunity to be more and better arises!
Our sense of social responsibility has led us to want to be part of the solution to the pandemic that the world is going through. And what could be better than to make something with such a negative connotation as the protective mask a real fashion accessory?

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Protect yourself and complete your look with certified Happo masks!